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Brazil IT Show

Potentec Company is to organize the 1st Exhibition and Annual Conference of IT Industry with international leaders which take place annually in Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

Concept of 1+3 during Brazil IT Show means that at the same time during Brazil IT Show will be hold the Meat Festival of South America with best manufacturers of beef angus, lamb and vegan meat to test out, and then 48 hours non-stop electronic music of Best World DJ Show with LED Installation Competition and Air Baloon Drive & Marathone during the same week in the same state. 1st Show will be taken in Brazil, February 2024.

Brazil IT Show BIT will take place for 3 days with a limited format. Welcome IT giants and leaders of IT industry.

 Join us as a General Partner and Sponsor - welcome Digital Banks and Associations.

For participants, it is a great opportunity to get to know infrastructure of the best cities of Brazil for business and life.


In February pulse of IT Industry beats here. 120 x 180


BIT Show Directions:

Industrial Electronics & LED

Flexible displays. Semiconductors. Wafers and Modules. Embedded hardware. Next generation displays LED. Secondary batteries. PCB parts etc.

Cloud Computing | Big Data | IT Service

Cloud-based Computing. SaaS. Big data analyzing engine and services. User platform. Parts and modules. Storage. Mass storage service. 3D printers. Electronic bulletin boards. Conference calls solution. Smart work. E-government. Role-model cases. RFID. Machine to machine technologies/products.

Software | Digital Context

Operating System. UX/UI. E-learning software. Applications. SNS. Mobile games. Social Games. Streaming services. 3D content. Security solutions. ASP, ERP, CRM, FTTH Solution. Embedded Software. Mobile Software.

Mobile | Communications | Broadcasting

Cloud. Tablet PCs. Smart TVs. LTE. HSPA+. WIBRO. N Screens. NFC. VoiP. VoLTE. RCP. Antennas. Augmented reality and LBS based web services. Mobile device compatible products. Tuners. Digital Broadcasting Equipment. Editing and production equipment. Mobile video clip encoding. Streaming services. Transmission systems. Emission systems. 3D TVs. Cameras. Speakers.

IT Convergence

Automobile: Automatic driving and response. Danger control. Smart cruise. Black box

Ship Building: Ship control, Design. Coating. Welding



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