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Glass and Fiberglass

Types of glass:

Sheet Glass

It is available in thickness from 2 mm to 6 mm. It is used in mirrors, glazing of windows, framing purposes, strips for flooring and green house glazing etc. The sheet glass is not considered good for aesthetic quality.

Float Glass

The glass is available in thickness ranging from 2mm to 12 mm and is free from bubbles, knots and scratches etc. It is either clear or tinted and comes in large sizes and thickness. The glass is of uniform thickness without any waves or distortions having excellent optical clarity and aesthetic quality. It is used in door window pans and glazing.

Tinted Glass

It is heat absorbing glass, which can reduce heat load by 12% and results in energy saving in a building. The tinted glass absorbs 30 to 40 % of solar radiation while clear float glass absorbs 15%. It reduces the quantity of heat flowing into the building and results into energy saving.

Tinted glass is available in bronze, dark grey and auto green shades. The glass is used in door and window pans and is glazed to save energy. It is utilized in important and air conditioned buildings.

Figured Glass

Figured and rolled glass is engraved with artistic patterns on one side of the glass and is produced by roll out methods. It allows light to pass through but blocks visibility and add a decorative touch. These are widely used for houses, general buildings, furniture and interior decoration.

Wired Glass

It has excellent fire resistant ability. The wire mess used in wired glass is made of steel wires 0.46 to 0.56 mm in diameter. The wire mess holds broken glass pieces from fall. It is used in openings susceptible to fire spreading.

Heat Reflective Glass

The glass is manufactured by coating clear glass or tinted glass with a metal oxide film which enables glass to reflect light and retains its transparent nature as well i.e. one can see through the glass. The glass is used in outer walls, door and window panes and glazing to saves energy. It is utilized in air conditioned buildings.

Processed Glass

Processed glass is available as toughened or tempered glass, laminated safety glass or double glazed insulated units in market. All three types of processed glass are custom made and can not be cut or altered after production. It is used in walls, shops, sky scrapers to resist wind pressure.

Fiberglass (or fibreglass) (also called glass-reinforced plastic, GRP, glass-fiber reinforced plastic, or GFRP), is a fiber reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibers of glass. It is also known as GFK.

Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. Although strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fiber and it is less stiff, the material is typically far less brittle, and the raw materials are much less expensive. Its bulk strength and weight properties are also very favorable when compared to metals, and it can be easily formed using molding processes.

The plastic matrix may be epoxy, a thermosetting plastic (most often polyester or vinylester) or thermoplastic.

Common uses of fiberglass include high performance aircrafts (gliders), boats, automobiles, baths, hot tubs, water tanks, roofing, pipes, cladding, casts and external door skins.

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