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1.  Are you a trading company?

No, we are NOT. Vaabweb is an instrument for entrepreneurs who do foreign trade of their products and services. Through our internet platform and its tools you can see which industry events happen overseas country, plan your business scheduele and choose manufacturers to contact or any service provider to get the services you need. 

2. We were a member of a Russian platform, but it was absolutely useless: there were no inquiries and no even spam.

The possible reason is that your company information displayed at the platform was in a foreign language and Russians were not able to read it, or it was in poor Russian, using automatic translation system, which didn’t add any credibility to your company and made your company look unattractive to them. We are not sending spam as well.

3.  Why cannot I promote via local search engines directly – Russian or any Brazilian search engine? Why should I do it via VAABWEB?

Sure, you can. You can buy AdWords or any key words anywhere you like. Moreover, you can even find SEO company for search optimization, but you cannot be sure it will work out. Do you know which reagion need your product overseas? Do you know where to post your website is better? How do your buyer contact you in your time diffrence? We provide SEO Manager and local technician majoring in your industry. Their help is the only way to get a good result. It’s hard to find these people abroad, and they cost you much. That’s why VAABWEB will be glad to provide you with a quick and effective solution to this problem.

4. Why do I need the local address of the website?

Even if your website does have a Russian, or even Chinese version, it is not displayed in the local search system, your present location could be blamed for that. So when your foreign customers search for products or manufacturers in their local search engines, they never get a chance to know about your company. Have you seen the percantage of users in Baidu or Yandex?

5. I often lose emails or they get in spam box, my foreign partners are complaining that they do not get any from me.

   European and American email filters, usually qualify emails from Russia, China and Brazil as spam, and it causes a lot of time loss before companies realize why their communication is not fluent. A big time difference should also be taken into consideration, effective working hours of the servers are different. That’s why we are ready to provide you with a stable & efficient communication – email system with translation services. 

6. How will I understand what other companies write/ask me about in a foreign language?

VAABWEB have paid Service Packages, you will be able to get your income emails translated into Chinese/English/Russian by pressing TRANSLATE button next to the e-mail.

7.  Why the prices are so low? Is it a deception?

It's a new project and we understand that as a foreign company which is young in high  market we lack trust. It is very important for us to build up long time cooperation with you, since our company has a lot of experience in different business spheres: equipment, electronics, raw materials, medicine, construction, etc. These spheres are leading sectors of economy, and currently they are in high demand in Russia, Brazil, China, the Middle East countries.

Probably, you will have a problem with the slow connection:vwe are trying to solve it and hope to get your understanding. Our aim is to shorten the time you spend on successful projects, rather than sending you spam and invalid inquiries.

The first 10 000 participants have a good free chance, as it will justify to be among our first partners, we will make every effort to bring clients to them and be the best among other foreign competitors.

8. Will it be useful for my company?

Our new project is unique on the market of foreign trade services, as we bring online services into offlice in quite complicated industries. Our team has much experience working in China, Russia, the Middle East counries and Brazil. Now the market is buyer-oriented, not seller-oriented. If you are looking for an opportunity to explore new markets and find more customers, let's cooperate together.

One can try to register on an other platform, but after paying quite an amount of money where will you find yourself? At the end of the list of 100,000 companies in each product group? And then you will have to translate the information about yourself in poor Russian or use automatic translation… What image will you create abroad with this presentation - a technology company from China Town? With us you can do everything quickly and easily staying in one place.
You can just calculate how much money and time you spend by taking staff, translators on business trips abroad. We solve everything locally and inexpensively. Try out!

Russia and Brazil are considered to be unsafe countries, so you can first try to conduct business remotely, and find out more about the new legislation projects, the establishment of representative offices, and other useful resources for business.


9. What should I do to be listed among one of the first companies in company search results?

In order to be listed among one of the first companies, you have to deploy one of our paid Service Packages(For more information, please, check My Services).


10. Number of participants is limited, how can I be included into this number?

The only way to be included is not to put off the registration, so that your company will be one of 10 000 companies to enjoy our special offer.



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