Export and Investment Potential of Brazil
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Investments IPO SPO

It is important to answer the following questions for the companies aiming to attract investments or organize and successfully hold IPO/SPO campaign in Asian stock exchanges –  

  • Is your company known enough in the market, and do institutional investors know it?
  • How established your relations with mass media?
  • Has the positive image of your company been created publicly?
  • Is your equity story spread well enough and how does the market react to it?
  • How to increase the credibility of the company in investment community?

Advance preparation is one of the key factors in successful achievement of the desired result. 

The most significant change in global capital markets map in more recent years has been the economic rise of Asia, with over 36% of global IPO proceeds raised in Hong Kong and China in the past three years, where 27% of all IPO listings were held. 

Singapore Stock Exchange which has attracted the largest number of foreign companies, is considered as an alternative to Hong Kong, on the back of a more flexible listing process, attractive tax regime and access to other Asian pools of capital.

Mature corporations and junior companies can use the capacities of the following boards -

International companies and corporations willingly use media sources to solve the current business tasks and to achieve long-term targets. Mass media is indispensable in raising brand and trade mark awareness and the overall popularity. 

Our partners bring to the target audience the information about your products, company’s milestones and mission, corporate values, significance and value of the assets, and the growth prospects.

We suggest you use the ready made solutions to enter export and financial markets of Asia.

Key to success in financial and export markets can be your brand awareness and image of your company, which are positively perceived by consumers, customers, investment community and the public.

Our advertising and marketing opportunities for you –  

  • information banners
  • posting sponsorship content
  • event marketing
  • integrated campaigns
  • supplements in periodicals

The quality of our audience speaks for itself. Over 70% of our audience are males aged 30-49. Most of them have high social status and over the medium level income. They are socially active and well-educated professionals with good jobs.

Social status – shareholders, company owners and top management, middle class managers, traders, civil servants, students of the leading universities.

Our permanent readers are people that make decision or influence them. It is them who may determine the success of your business.

If your goal is to bring added value to your products or assets, to improve the image or form a positive opinion about the company, you can do it with us.

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