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We represent the leading media holdings of Asia and the Middle East. Cooperating with us your company can achieve your targets and take its rightful place in these markets. 

If your goal is to bring added value to your products or assets, to improve the image or form a positive opinion about the company, you can do it with us.

 Est. 1903

South China Morning Post is a leading daily in Hong Kong and South East Asia. SCMP is the number one publication for Hong Kong’s business elite. 


Daily 107,400 
Weekly 90,000

   Hong Kong is a world city, the biggest transit hub and port. It ranks as the third most important international financial center, after London and New York City. Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) has over 1770 listed companies (90 are foreign ones) with a total market capitalisation of US$3,35 trln. 


 Key Partner

Est. 1953

The Korea Herald is No.1 English-language daily in South Korea. The source of business, political, cultural news  for business executives, government officials, managers and specialists.


Daily 90,000

   South Korea is the 5th-best business environment among 189 countries, the 8th largest country in international trade and the 7th largest exporter. It has Asia's highest income and the world's 10th highest income. Korea Stock Exchange (KEX) is the first in the bonds trade, and one of the highest in the world by capitalisation of 1,36 trln USD with over 1,820 companies listed (15 are foreign ones). 

The Edge
 is Malaysia's largest circulating and most highly regarded business & investment publication. It covers the economy, the Ringgit, the stock market and property issues, providing the local insight for a global perspective for the major business news.  


Weekly 29,000 


  Malaysia is a founding member of ASEAN and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has one of the best economic records in Asia, with GDP growing at an average 6.5% per annum for almost 50 years. Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, or Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) is one of the leading capital platforms in Asia with capitalisation of around 550 bln USD with over 900 companies listed (10 are foreign ones).


New Straits Times, Berita Harian, Metro are Malaysia's largest circulating issues. 


Malaysia is the world's largest Islamic banking and financial centre. It is the third largest economy in South East Asia behind Indonesia and Thailand, with population of 30 mils, and 29th largest economy in the world by purchasing power.


Key Partner

Est. 1983

The Jakarta Post is Indonesia’s oldest and most respected English-language media, covering Indonesia economic, political, cultural events, distributed in all the major cities of Indonesia for corporations, foreign embassies, multilateral institutions, local corporations and government institutions. Weekly magazines JPlus, Speak!, Bali Buzz are oriented on fashonable, young audience, which highlight travel, lifestyle, property issues.


Daily 85,000

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with population of over 250 mil people. It is one of the most perspective markets and investment zones in SEA.


Key Partner

Est. 1978

The Khaleej Times is one of the most popular English language newspapers published in the UAE.

Daily 150,000

The United Arab Emirates is the second largest economy in the Arab world, with GDP of $377 billion. World Expo 2020 is held in Dubai.The international airport of Dubai trends to be the largest internation hub in the world.  





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* Number of foreign companies listed on the exchange

Source: World Federation of Stock Exchanges, August 2014.




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