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Tirol opens a factory of USD$30 mil in Parana State

Tirol has opened its first factory in Paraná, in the city of Ipiranga, with an investment of over USD$30 millions. The 33,100 sq.m factory will focus on the production of long-life milk (UHT), with an initial capacity of 600 thousand liters per day, but with the potential to expand to 1.2 million L and include other dairy products.

The Tirol factory in Ipiranga, which was considered the largest industrial investment ever made in the municipality of the city, aims to contribute to income generation in the city, creating 160 direct jobs and activating an economic chain in the region, with approximately 150 direct suppliers. According to Tirol's Commercial Director, Jossemar Olivo, Ipiranga was chosen after a careful analysis of various factors, including the potential for milk accumulation and access to the market.

The Production line of the factory is fully optimized, balanced, and configured with modern technology and equipment of the latest generation. Additionally, it has an Innovation Center, which aims to develop new products and houses part of the company's technical team, divided between Ipiranga and Treze Tílias.

According to Olivo, Paraná is already one of the largest dairy markets for Tirol and this investment is part of the company's expansion plans in the state, in addition to expanding national and international distribution. The goal is to consolidate itself as one of the leading industries in the sector in the country.

About Tirol Group:

Founded in 1974, Tirol has four factories located in the southern Brazil, three in Santa Catarina, and one in Parana, in the cities of Treze Tílias, Chapecó, Pinhalzinho, and Ipiranga. Tirol generates 1,800 direct jobs and has a diversified portfolio of more than 150 products, including milk, chocolate milk, yogurts, dairy drinks, cottage cheese, butter, cheeses, cream, milk sweets, and condensed milk. Dairy market specialists and gourmets point out that this manufacturer has the best quality-price ratio in Brazil.

The milk industry in Brazil is one of the largest in the world, with an annual production of around 34 billion liters. The country has a diverse production base, with small and medium-sized farmers as well as large farms. The southern region of the country is responsible for about half of Brazil's milk production, followed by the Southeast and Midwest regions. The state of Paraná is a big milk-producing region and has one of the largest dairy industry in South America. Milk production in the state is concentrated mainly in the Campos Gerais, North Pioneiro, and western regions, where there are many small and medium-sized dairy farms. The state of Parana is also an important exporter of dairy products, mainly to Latin American and Asian countries, through the ports of Paranagua and Itajai.

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